Ra'iel Young is an author and illustrator of her very first upcoming and highly anticipated poetry book, that will soon be released in the early fall of 2020. She began passionately writing and drawing as a hobby before the age of 10. She often expresses her inner most thoughts and feelings in the form of poetry with only a notebook and a pen. However, she decided to take it a step further by publishing her poetry in a book, for her work to be distributed worldwide. 

Ra'iel is not only a poet, she also has skills with multimedia, video production, graphic design, and photography. She obtained her media skills by earning her associates degree in July 2018 for the major of Video Production at Pittsburgh Technical College in Oakdale, PA. She also creates YouTube videos with diverse, entertaining, and informative content. 

She is a passionate, kind, sincere, and warm soul, that always has pure intentions with everything she delves into. Please come along with Ra'iel on her journey, and be on the look out for the exciting things that's in store coming up in the near future.

Peace and love!


© 2018 by Ra'iel Young

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